40 years of real estate services

Statement of quality policy

Finques Rodés vision is to become a leader in the Barcelona urban property management, real estate brokerage and insurance mediation for its solvency, the professionalism of its staff and personalized service.

Following a strategy to modernize the institution and pursuit of excellence in the provision of different services, the Directorate of Finques Rodes, in close collaboration with all staff, pursuing a policy of quality, incorporating all levels of the company and all its services.

That is why the Quality Policy Finques Rodes set, contained in this document and which is based on the following:

1. Implement and maintain a system of quality management according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001 and continually improve its effectiveness.
2. Ensuring customer satisfaction by creating mechanisms for assessing this satisfaction.
3. Maintain a spirit of service to our customers fully oriented, exercising our activity responsible professional, ethical and helping in avoiding and resolving conflicts.
4. Strengthen, improve and develop the services we offer to our customers and partners, encouraging innovation, creativity and the implementation and development of new technologies.
5. Ensure internal communication and staff awareness of the importance of environmental management and the benefits of proper management of the environmental aspects.
6. Protect confidential business information and that of our customers and suppliers.
7. Promote human development, training and career development of our employees.
8. Meet payments and tax obligations of the company and our customers without delay or unjustified breaches.
9. Provide complete, accurate, timely and understandable information in all our communications.
10. Meet customer requirements, both specified and non-specified, as well as legal and regulatory.

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